soulful (səʊlfʊl) adj. expressing profound thoughts or feelings (i.e., soulful music) – The Collins English Dictionary

Hello, and welcome to my site! 

WOOD TALC-3D-Book-Template editedAs it says on the tin – ‘Step In And Write’ – I’m interested in doing my bit, however small that bit may seem in our digital world, for the talented, lesser known writers out there. I know you exist as I’ve read a few of you – In fact, I’m one of you! I know how hard it’s been over the years for some of you to get people to read and appreciate your masterpieces. And although we now live in an age of self-publishing, it comes with the added endeavour of self-marketing. Every little bit, then, helps.

What I hope we’ll create is a virtuous, literary circle: we’ll promote each other. You may want to post a passage, chapter, paragraph… of your current project. 22-DAYDREAMS-3D-Book-Template-EDITEDOr, you may want to contribute the odd blog post – something anecdotal, that allows you to do your thing, to show off; that allows you to write what you feel passionate about…

This leads me to the above Collins Dictionary quotation, of ‘soulful’. It really isn’t a bad definition, considering its conciseness. But, for me, it’s much, much more than that. I read somewhere that if the word needed to be defined to someone, then that someone would probably still not understand it. This is what I hope we’ll contribute to this site: soulful writings. If we’re moved by a work in that only part-definable way, let’s share our appreciation with the writer and help promote it.

cropped-Stamp-Blue-Background-WB1.jpgIf you would like to contribute, why not follow my lead on the blog posts page, for a present theme, and send your post to my email address in contact me!. Hopefully I’ll approve it, and open the door to your very own writers’ guest-room  as long as you like your coffee strong. Or, if you’d prefer to post a portion of your current project, same goes… You may even want to both blog and post a passage from your current project. I don’t mind. Just mean it and share it! And not only will I share a link to your website,  but you’ll receive the ‘Stepped in, Souled out’ stamp to boot…  LET’S PLUG THOSE BOOKS! 

NANCY BOY-3D-Book-Template EDITEDAnd since it’s a well known fact that many readers steer clear of indie authors for fear of being confronted by messy grammar, punctuation, spelling mistakes – not so much badly written works as badly edited! – then why not look into hiring my services as an EDITOR/PROOFREADER? You’ll find all you need to know HERE.

Whatever you need, I look forward to meeting you.



Your literary, soulful friend

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“You’d make a superb columnist, Chris! Your writing is intelligent and witty. It lingers with us. Yours is not an intelligence which tries to prove you know better; you’re aware of your own weaknesses and don’t mind sharing them with us. That makes you immediately adorable, and human.” (author Joan Barbara SIMON) 

Amazon-icon“You have to admire an author who can pour this much of his brain and guts on a page and make a coherent collage or pictures depicting multiple meanings.”  (author Joss LANDRY)

authorsdb“Brilliant characters who spring off the page, especially Grom with her broken biscuits offerings. And intriguing family dynamics, very deftly conveyed.” (author ANON)

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  1. Thank you so much. This I feel shall be a great positive platform to share talent & open views. I am a sponge at the moment soaking up the wonderful atmosphere you have created. Much love & respect Jo Squiggly xxx

    1. Awwww, thanks, Joanne, what a lovely thing to say! You soak up as much as you like, my friend, consider it home from home! And like you would at home, if you read any nonsense on my part, you let me have it! 😉 Thanks again. xxxx

    1. Awww, thanks. Jen! It’s lovely to hear from you and know that you’re looking in from time to time, from the other other side of our crazy world. You’re so welcome 🙂

    1. Hiya, Terri.

      Thanks for that. As to your question, no, it’s the WP theme 2015. The irony though is that I’ve been so fed up with a theme problem, for moths now, that I haven’t done anything on it for as long, like even write a blog post. All I want to do now is put in a different background on it and I’ll be happy with it again and get back to it.

      Oh well, thanks again, you may have just re-inspired me 🙂

  2. Hey Chris,

    Just awesome blog and your soft writing i love your way of writing. this blog is very useful for all young generation guyz it can make him motivate.

    Regards Steve

    1. Hey, cheers, Steve, nice of you to say so.

      You have, in fact, totally inspired me to get a blog post out this week. That’s a promise. All the best 🙂

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